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The BIG Event Mission

During Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s The BIG Event, students work in teams to complete volunteer projects across the city as a way to say “One BIG Thanks” to the community for their support of TAMU-CC.

About the Event

The BIG Event is a way for the campus to express their gratitude to the Coastal Bend community which supports Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. This one-day event gives the campus an opportunity to connect with and give back to the Corpus Christi community. Through service, the campus is able to meet local residents and show them neighborly appreciation and kindness. It is important to remember The BIG Event’s goal is not about the number of sites completed, nor the number of students who participate each year. Instead, it is the achievement of interaction between the campus and the Corpus Christi area, the relationships formed, and the Islander Impact produced that results in a unified community. This is what makes The BIG Event such a unique experience.

Highlights from 2019: