Student Volunteer Connection (SVC)

What is SVC?

The Student Volunteer Connection (SVC) is a student organization that engages TAMU-CC students to be actively involved and committed to service by providing accessible learning opportunities that connect the Corpus Christi community to TAMU-CC students. Our mission is to create an understanding of active citizenship by making our #IslanderImpact. 

What does SVC do?

The primary goal of SVC is to enhance the University by providing service programs that:

  • Unify the campus community and Corpus Christi community through service.
  • Cultivate student leadership.
  • Promote civic responsibility.
  • Contribute to the retention efforts of the University.

Who can join SVC?

SVC is open to all TAMU-CC students. All members must choose between a committee to be a part of. Committees include: The BIG Event Committee, Service Committee, and Marketing Committee. Each committee serves a different role behind the scenes of SVC. No student will be denied membership because of race, sex, creed, national origin, or religious preferences. 

How to register:

SVC registration opens on I-Engage at the beginning of each semester, where a new member form will be available to fill out. 


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